Woven bag

Polypropylene sack is more accurately referred to as PP Bag/Sack or PP Woven Bag/Sack. PP bags are prepared using PP woven fabrics of various quality, pattern, printing, color, size and different capacities.

Due to their attractive properties, PP bags have quickly gained popularity in the market, and are now widely adopted by various industries. PP bags have become an ideal choice for industrial packaging, where they are widely used in packaging food, textile, nuts, fertilizer, powder, cement, granular chemicals etc.

Below are some of the strong features of PP bags/sacks:

* Ensures secure storage by protecting products
* Extends shelf life
* Prevents distortion
* Environmentally friendly and budget friendly
* 100% reusable and durable
* Light and flexible
* Moisture and dust proof
* Easy to clean and antibacterial
* Breathable or waterproof with laminated film
* Can be produced in desired colors and printed
* Can be stored in an open area

Industrial Usefood, textile, nuts, fertilizer, powder, cement, granular chemicals etc.
Material Structurepolypropylene raffia
Bag TypeWoven bag
Custom OrderAccept
BottomSingle Fold Stitch
Loading weight5kg-100kg
Printing1-8 Colores