Laminated Woven Bag

PP is a synthetic bag coated with lamination.
The biggest feature is the elimination of dust products and not causing dust
It is impermeable for fertilizer and similar products.
It is resistant to moisture and water that may contaminate products externally.
Different colors and sizes can be produced.
Single sided laminated or double sided laminated application can be provided upon request.
Laminate is applied to the sack in the desired length, weight and weaving density.

In general it is used in the;
– Packaging of basic foodstuffs such as sugar, salt, flour,
– Packaging of legumes such as rice, bulgur, chickpeas, dried beans, lentils,
– Packaging of oily nuts such as corn, hazelnut, walnut, peanut, chestnut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,
– Packaging of cereals such as barley and wheat,
– Packaging of vegetables such as green beans, peas, broad beans, kidney beans, peppers, potatoes,
– Cotton and tobacco packaging,
– Packaging of various seeds,
– Various feeds and straw packaging,
– Fertilizer packaging,
– Textile industry,
– The packaging of building materials such as cement, gypsum, lime, ceramic adhesive, sand, gravel,
– Packaging of products such as various chemicals in solid, powder and granular form.

Industrial UseAgriculture, water conservancy, clothing, animal husbandry, feed, civil engineering, etc.
Material Structurepolypropylene raffia
Bag TypeWoven bag
Custom OrderAccept
Color Customizable
BottomSingle Fold Stitch
Loading weight5kg-100kg
Printing1-8 Colores